How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Phoenix, AZ?

How Often Should a Landlord Inspect Rental Property in Phoenix, AZ?

Rental property inspections are a vital way to keep your investment safe, but how do landlords keep from appearing overbearing to their tenants? Achieving happy tenants means you can't be seen as a 'bad' landlord.

Finding the right balance of inspections can be tricky.

That's why we've put together this simple guide that'll walk you through the top aspects to consider before each inspection. These considerations can make all the difference you need to be a coveted landlord. Keep reading to learn more!

Understand Local Laws

Jumping right into an inspection is never the way to go. Landlords need to make certain they know local Arizona tenant-landlord laws inside and out.

Even though you own the property, the tenant has several protections and rights that you cannot violate.

Read through the laws to get a better understanding of how they work and how to create a rental property inspection timeline that doesn't go against them.

Provide Reasoning

Stating the reason for the inspection is something that you don't want to overlook. For many states, this is a key part of the rental property inspection laws.

You should always provide a reasonable cause for the inspection. This keeps the interaction professional, gives the tenant a better understanding, and protects you from any violations.

Advance Notice

Within the lease of a new property, you should have a section that explains your policy for rental inspections. This will give your tenants an idea of what to expect well before it ever comes up.

That said, you also need to give the tenant a warning a few weeks right before the inspection happens. You can't drop by unannounced or without reason, no matter what the lease says. Tenants reserve their right to privacy at all times.

Around three weeks ahead of time, send a fully detailed letter about the upcoming inspection. Then send another one a few days before.

Your tenants will feel respected and will cooperate better when they have fair warning.

Adjust and Adapt

For most situations, annual or six-month inspections are enough. You'll keep an eye on the property without getting in the way of your tenants' lives. They'll feel more comfortable and more willing to stay.

Sometimes, you'll find that more frequent inspections are necessary. This could be due to a past issue with a particular tenant or an unruly pet on the property.

Don't be afraid to adjust your timeline, but make sure to take the appropriate steps before implementing it.

Offload Rental Property Inspections Today

Even with good communication and lawful compliance, it can be difficult to toe the line between responsible and nosy. That's why many landlords prefer to hire professional management to take over rental property inspections. It lessens a landlord's workload and doesn't harm tenant-landlord relationships.

PMI Phoenix Metro has decades of experience dealing with rental inspections, which we use to help improve your business. We're a property management company that offers a full range of services to aid landlords, including maintenance, rent collection, tenant screening, and more.

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